What Makes BUY AT A DISCOUNT Different?

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How is BUY AT A DISCOUNT different than other Amazon coupon marketplaces”?

If you don’t already know, several sites already exist. Examples are Amazon Review Club, Snagshout and Vipon. While these sites attempt to deliver the same service and value, they all fall short in many ways. Overall, none provides the customer with the great experience that makes you want to come back after your initial site visit.

Before we talk about the specifics of what makes our site different, here are some pros and cons of two of the sites I listed above. I have personally used both Vipon.com and Snagshout.com extensively and have received over 100 coupons on each platform.

So let’s take a look at Vipon:


  • The site is straightforward and simple to use.
  • As a user, you just log in, pick out what coupon you want, and head over to Amazon with the code.
  • One can refine their search by price and/or discount %.
  • There is a reasonable amount of products.
  • Some coupons have a high % off (up to 80%)


  • 0 customer service

I personally tried reaching out to them multiple times due to product codes not working and rarely, if ever received a response.


  • No coupons left

This happens a lot. I would click on a product I wanted the coupon for and then receive the

following message “No coupon vouchers left for this product.”

  • Coupon codes do not work.

This almost drove me away from the site the first time I used it. I tried 3 different products and all of the coupon codes said, “Invalid code” when I entered them on Amazon. I continued to use the site (since I love a great deal), but found this very frustrating.

  • No Sub-Categories

Finding what you are looking for is tough in a giant category like “Home and Garden.” Searching by Subcategory doesn’t exist which makes this fairly unmanageable.

Overall Vipon is a decent Amazon coupon site, with a lot of coupons listed, however, it’s difficult to find a working deal and

Now let’s look at Snagshout:

Let me preface this by stating when I used Snagshout, Amazon was allowing buyers to get a product for free and review that product. All the buyer had to do was state they received the product for free and the review was unbiased. Now clearly this didn’t last long because most people who get free stuff are going to have a tough time not being bias toward that free product. One of my favorite examples of this was written in a blog post around the time Amazon stopped allowing buyers to get a free product for a review: “If someone hands you keys to a brand new Mercedes and tells you it’s yours free and clear if you just write an unbiased review on Mercedes’s website, how many people do you think will write anything but a glowing review? The answer is 0.


  • Easy to navigate

Snagshout is user-friendly, easy to sign up for and navigate

  • Unique products

I have seen products on this site that I have never seen on other Amazon coupon sites.


  • Many of the deals have a very low % off

Unlike Vipon and Buy At A Discount where most deals are 50%+ off, Snagshout has many deals in the 30-50% off.


  • Limited Refinement

Snagshout only has 4 refinement options: Price, Category, Prime and Discount. This can make it difficult to find products you are looking for while browsing the site.

  • Slow Load Times
  • It can often take 3- 6 seconds to load the main page

Overall, I think the Snagshout site isn’t bad.

Now that I’ve gone over what these other sites have going for them and what they lack, let’s talk about Buy At A Discount. As one of the founders of this site, I am obviously biased in my thoughts about why our site is far superior to anything else that is currently available

That said, I will do my best to clarify why our marketplace is superior to others that exist.


Max Leahy, and Chris Harris founded and designed the Buy At A Discount Amazon coupon marketplace.

Naturally, we also had backend expertise and I want to give a quick shout-out to our actual coder and designer Vicky from RV Technologies, who worked with us to build this revolutionary platform.

I myself (Max Leahy) have been an Amazon private label seller for over 4 years and have taken my experience selling on Amazon and applied it directly to this project.

Chris Harris has worked for years in tech and software companies, personally handling accounts of Fortune 100 companies.

Why we created this site:

Like you, we absolutely love finding a great deal and this was the main inspiration for creating this Amazon coupon marketplace. Our other motivation was twofold. The first being all the tech issues we kept running into on existing marketplaces (like the ones mentioned above). The second was that almost no one I knew had any idea these amazing Amazon coupon marketplaces even existed. In fact, most people I know didn’t even know you can use coupons on Amazon. We wanted to change that; we wanted everyone to have access to amazing Amazon coupons!

What makes us different?

Here is exactly why we are different than any other Amazon coupon marketplace currently in existence:

  1. You spoke and we listened.

Before we ever designed a single page of the Buy At A Discount marketplace we spent days pouring over every review on every Amazon Coupon Marketplace. We looked for issues that appeared over and over again. Once we wrote down 50 or so of those issues, we began to figure out ways to solve them. We took all the negatives issues of the existing marketplaces and made sure our site was void of those issues before we launched.

Examples: An example of one of these issues was something as simple as a product still appearing in a search when no more coupons were left. Almost every marketplace would leave the coupon up, a customer would click it thinking they were getting a great deal, but instead be met with something like “Sorry, vouchers for this product have run out”.

The ability to refine a search by some factors such as Price, Prime Delivery, Discount %, and Category. That is where they stopped, but we didn’t stop there. We wanted to create a shopping experience just like when you shop directly on Amazon. This experience allows you to not only browse categories, but also subcategories. Think about it, if you’re a woman looking for a dress, wouldn’t it make your search far easier to look in the women’s clothing subcategory of the clothing category, than just the overall clothing category?

  1. Customer Service

One of the biggest complaints we found when looking at reviews of existing coupon marketplaces, is a coupon no longer being available. You will never run into that issue on our site because as soon as a seller’s coupon voucher runs out, the coupon no longer appears on our marketplace. That is just one quick example of issues one other marketplaces that you will never encounter on ours.

  1. Customer Service.

Unlike the other marketplaces, we have reliable Customer Service. I mentioned earlier that I had contacted Vipon multiple times and never got a response. Also, it took me about five full minutes to even find a contact page for support, which to me is infuriating.

My father ran an appliance store when I was growing up, and his motto that appeared everywhere was “Service Counts”. When all the big box stores began to pop up everywhere and the mom and pop stores struggled to compete, many small appliance stores went out of business. Not my father’s store; instead it flourished and even grew because he offered impeccable service during and after each sale, something which the big box stores did not.

Our customer service can be reached in a few ways: The first is simply by clicking the My Account tab and selecting Contact Us. We also have a Report a Problem button on every product page, so you can report any issues you experience with a product’s coupon. Finally, we have a Report a Problem button at the bottom of each page, as well as our Contact Information listed in our Help Center.

  1. Our Help Center

While many sites have Help Centers, we found most were either created for sellers --rather than the buyers - or were hastily thrown together. We created a Help Center with video guides for anything you can do on our site.

If you ever have any questions, check our Help Center because most likely there is a video there to answer your question!

  1. How Much Money You Save

We know you didn’t come here looking for a 20% off coupon… so were not going to show you coupons for 20% off. For a seller to list their coupons on our site, they must be at least 35% off of their listed price on Amazon. If the seller wants to list in the flash deals section, they must offer at least 70% off. We won’t waste your time with lousy deals, we will strive to get you the most possible money off the products you are looking for on Amazon.com.

  1. Today’s Best Sellers

We created this category so you could browse our site quickly and see what the most purchased deals of the day are. This way you don’t need to browse the whole site so see what everyone is buying that day. To our knowledge currently we are the only Amazon coupon marketplace with this feature.

        7. Editor’s Picks

This section has real product reviews from our editors of products listed on Buy At A Discount. You can see the product unpacked, in-use and get a real review of its quality.

I want to personally thank you for being part of Buy At A Discount. We have put enormous effort into creating what we believe is the best Amazon coupon marketplace on the Internet. Now get out there and find some awesome deals!