Wireless Phone Charger

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This is a review of the (10W Fast) Wireless Charger, Posiveek Qi-Certified

Price before discount: $16.99

Price after discount: $8.49



The box came in a small Amazon shipping bag which easily fit into my mailbox. 

The window display of the box showed the product pretty well.

The product was well packaged inside the box and arrived perfectly intact.


Product Features and Performance


  • Easy to use instructions.
  • The cord was easy to charge using the computer, laptop or wall charger.
  • I always need an additional wireless charger.
  • It charges my phone quickly (for a wireless charger).


This charger is a solid buy. 

It works well and the price is great.

Check out the deal here: https://buyatadiscount.com/product/10w-fast-wireless-charger-posiveek-qi-certified?d=380