Scalp Massager Hair Brush

Beauty & Grooming and Hair Care

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About the Product:
  • The tip of the bristles massage the scalp when you comb your hair. This strengthens the roots by stimulating blood circulation at the follicle, improving the quality and health of your scalp and hair.
  • Hook design makes the comb easy to be hanged up to the wall or other places, which can prevent your pet or child taking it out and destroying it.
  • Effortlessly detangle your knots, tangles and tugs on both wet and dry hair. Perfect for all ages, this hair brush will eliminate knots with ease.
  • High quality rubber handle is soft, smooth, lightweight and easy to carry, and you can take it for dressing you hair casually when you go out.
  • Ergonomic handle and a soft cushion give you a pleasant, comfortable styling and anti-static experience.

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